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The sports camp with Active Fun is a proposition of active spending time and having great fun combined with an opportunity to form long-lasting friendships. Our mission is to promote physical activity because we strongly believe that being active is the most important factor in the proper development of a human as the habits we develop in our childhood stay with us forever.

Something interesting for everyone 🙂

During the camp, children can participate a variety of classes including: judo, football, gymnastics and dance. Our qualified staff ensures proper division into groups, during which age and the  level of advancement are taken into account. In addition, children may take advantage of many other attractions such as: pedalos and kayaks, gymnastics, acrobatic and stretching classes, field games, scavenger hunt, hide and seek, flags, paintball, archery, building huts as well as, water battles and trampolines.

Friendship above all 🙂

The camp adventure starts the moment children get on a coach. Just after taking their places, they start engaged negotiations regarding sharing rooms. Often, kids do it already before leaving/ the journey starts :). During the journey/ on their way, children get to know each other, talk and integrate – they are the natural ways they establish groups and find mates with whom they will spend the next dozen or so days. Knowing the importance of proper peer contacts and relations we are always there for the kids to help them sort out any problems and misunderstandings as soon as possible.

Something for the body and something for the soul 🙂

An important aspect of our camps is raising the children and shaping their personality.  From the very first moments we teach them independence and openness in facing new challenges. The participants know that in any situation, they can turn to instructors with even the pettiest problem. Additionally, we organize regular meetings with children, during which we explain what the respect for other people and the rules of propriety are. We put emphasis on using phrases like: good morning, see you, enjoy your meal, goodnight, excuse me, sorry and thank you. In addition to physical activities, children have the opportunity to prove themselves in numerous tournaments and competitions which we organize to prevent boredom from setting in. The tasks often rely on teamwork, which teaches children the importance of cooperation and mutual help, as well as strengthens friendship and boosts respect to each other. At the end of the camp, the participants of the competitions are rewarded with gifts.

Just being a child 🙂

Our next goal is to show the participants what the real fun and joy of being a child is. We don’t mean here electronic games or using mobiles, we intend to introduce the participants to quite the opposite. During the camp we put all electronic gadgets and the Internet aside and we replace them with movement games. We try to show the children how important contacts and playing with their peers is. We remember when after school we would spend whole days at the yards, playgrounds or carpet beating racks. For many of us these were probably the most wonderful and carefree years of our lives. Moreover, peer relationships help to train interpersonal skills, so needed in the adult life.

We take care of every detail 🙂

We choose locations in clean, wooded areas, within close distant to lakes. The camp itself is situated on the fenced off premises where people from outside are not allowed. Additionally, the places are monitored with cameras installed around the camp, and the attendants of the facility are on duty 24 hours a day. An important aspect of our trips is also healthy and proper nutrition,  with wholesome, balanced meals prepared on site and individual dietary recommendations taken care of. Also, during the camp/ day the children  have not limited access to drinking water and hot tea. Another strength of our camps is availability of varied, professional and up-to-date sports and recreation equipment, which we review and modernize every year.

The group of instructors are a group of energetic,  young people, certified judo, football, dance, gymnastics and swimming instructors. The advantage of our camps are also English-speaking groups run by a native speaker/ native speakers.

Before each trip, the participants’ parents are given a set of information regarding the rules of the camp and the packing list. Every day, instructors capture the life of both the camp and the participants in the pictures, which are then available on facebook and the website We also organize an information meeting before the camp, during which we will answer all questions.

We invite for the camp children aged 7 and older, you can contact us at activefun.obozy@gmail and at +48511439070

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